International cooperation

KEINO informs Finnish contracting entities about interesting international projects. Likewise, it disseminates information on domestic contracting entities, best practices and procurements in an international setting. The international activities are targeted at those contracting entities that wish to benefit from international funding and competence. KEINO also expedites a wide adoption of pioneer networks, experiences and lessons learnt.

KEINO competence centre

  • disseminates best international practices for the use of contracting entities  
  • builds up international networks for the benefit of contracting entities
  • writes interesting stories that can be used as company reference in international communication 
  • seeks out Finnish contracting entities and nominates them to international procurement or similar competitions 
  • assists procurement experts in applying for an exchange abroad
  • represents Finland in international networks such as the EU Urban Agenda.

The aim of these activities is to allow Finnish contracting entities and experts to make active use of European innovative public procurement funding and to become sought after partners. This means •

  • expanding and making better use of KEINO's and contracting entities’ international networks and competence 
  • involving more Finnish contracting entities in international projects
  • supporting the promotion of export of solutions produced by public procurement projects  
  • boosting Finland’s image as an internationally renowned innovation- and experiment-friendly operating environment.  


International examples and financing
Piia Moilanen,

Exchange of experts
Isa-Maria Bergman,

International networks
Katariina Huikko,